Peace of mind, happiness, inner peace and the inner dialog with God, these are the benefits that I received has been by lighting the Kodi Deepam.  Going to the Sri Durga temple at least once a week on a Saturday has been the most important thing for me.  I was able to have peace of mind when the storm hit hard.  The power of Durga Amma is hard to express in words.  It can only be felt.  Sometimes, people go to the temple for certain reasons.  Some people search for God when they are at the low bottom of  their life and they are lost.  But, for me I was searching for a place where I wanted to find peace of mind, and I did find that at Sri Durga temple in Scarborough.  Here are the reasons.  The moment you enter the temple, you can feel the divine energy.  The place is unimaginably clean.  All the idols are dressed in a way that you can feel the divine power from a far distance and admire without distraction.  Most of all, you cannot get your eyes off, Amman’s statue located in the center, you cannot get your eyes off.  She is welcoming like a mother waiting for her child to arrive.  Even individuals who have been ignored or discouraged in life by others, when they look at Amman, they can feel her invitation with her wide open arms.  The most important thing about the Sri Durga Temple in Scarborough is the quietness that allows you to mediate without any distraction.  When you are at this temple, you don't feel the time pass, there is so much to admire, the internal architecture with great paintings of the idols, and words can't express the beauty. 

Most of all Amma’s alangaram and the beautiful saree she is wrapped in every day, words can't explain how beautiful she looks.  For me, who had to leave Sri Lanka at the age of 9 years had difficulty understanding our religion.  I was searching for God and Amman came into my life.  Going to the Amman Kovil every Saturday for the past 10 years has brought a lot of good changes in my life.  Every Saturday, I commit to lighting the Kodi Deepam.  I learned to keep away from negative thoughts.  Not, only did Amma, bring light into my life with each deepam that I lit; Amma gave me peace of mind.  I also started to pick up the qualities of Amman.  I became strong and confident. I was able to face all the obstacles I encountered. Amman showed me the right path to take when I was confused. When I tell my friends that I go to the Amman temple, people think that I am not married and that's why I am going  there to pray, since “Amman” is dedicated for that.  But, I go to the Amman temple without any expectations and Amman has brought me a lot in life.  I am not talking about money. I mean peace. Once you realize that there is a greater power above you and you give respect to that power then you will realize what you will get.  My interest has always been in helping needy people.  When I do all my charity work, people tell me “you are getting old, you need to settle down.”  It is difficult in a community were you are expected to get married at a certain age and have kids.  Some people don't understand that there is always a time.  For myself, lighting the kodi deepam has given me the patience to wait for life's important events to happen at the time when they are supposed to happen.  From my experience, everyone needs to practice spirituality it doesn't matter what religion they are.  We need to find our own place to worship.  If you speak to people who worship every day, they would tell you the great benefit it   has brought to their life.  For me, lighting the Kodi Deepam at Sri Durga Temple has brightened my life.
- Sutha Shanmugarajah

Pooja are happening on time. Very punctual and very pleased
- K.Selvaratnam

One of the best build, managed and maintained HINDU temple around the world. You hardly find a Hindu temple looking so clean and tidy. Congrats to the owner and management of this temple. May DURKA keep blessing you. Look forward to your 50th anniversary! Congrats and good luck!

Tharmaraja Thiruvangadam