Sridurka Hindu Temple celebrated
its 25th Anniversary
(Posted  30 Sept 2016)

The Hindu community  in Toronto  commemorated 25 years of  Durga Devi worship at Sridurka Hindu Temple, better known as the Thurkeswaram, last Friday. The temple was established on the first day of Navarathri in 1992 by Hindu Rev. Thiagarajahkurukkal Kanaswamikal. The TEMPLE promotes harmony among all life forms and the faith on Durga worship gives peace, prosperity and happiness, to mankind.

The 25th anniversary celebrations  began with a special Homam (Haven) known as “Nigumbala” which has connections with the epic of Ramayana.   During the last 25 years, the Temple has performed many great havens, the first time in North America..

Thousands of devotees attended the event and participated. The management said the temple provided a way for people to celebrate and preserve their cultural heritage in Canada.