Some of the Hindu Temples are opened on December 31st Midnight and performing pooja. Sridurka Hindu Temple is not opened. Can you explain the reasons?

There are various views expressed by many scholars and Hindu leaders, regarding this matter. We respect all the views. Our Temple believes in tradition and Agamic practices.

According to our traditions and heritage, performing pooja at midnight is allowed only on certain days. On those exceptional days, Midnight / night time has some religious impotances.  Maha Sivarathri, and  Vaikunda Ekadasi, Mesha Shangranthi (if occured at midnight)  are those exceptional days. Performing midnight pooja on  other days are against our tradition and agamic instructions.

Temple structures, pooja times, pooja methods and mantras, all together should in a balanced position. If the balance fails, It brings adverse effects to the environment and people. Hindu Agamas provides the instructions to keep everything in equillibrium. Performing midnight pooja breaks the balance and therefore it is not advisable to open the temple at midnight to perform pooja.

Hindu religious events have a connection with planet positions, specially sun and moon. December 31st midnight has no astrological significance. Nowadays January 1st is celebrated as a new year by many people in the world. The worship and pooja can be done during the daytime.

It is believed by Hindus that devas, sidhas and Kanarwas visit to the temples in earth to perform their worship. This is another reason for not opening the temples at midnight.

Mahaguru answers your questions