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Sridurka  Hindu Temple
(a Registered  non-profit, religious and  charitable
organization  in Canada)

30 Carnforth  Road , Toronto, Ontario  M4A  2K7    CANADA.
Telephone :    (416) 759 9648          Fax : (416) 751 7939
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Sridurka Hindu Temple's core values are :

Spiritual awareness,
Religious path towards peace,
Identity consciousness
Dedication to excellence,
Unity of all selves in diversity,
Respect for the fellow-humans,
Knowledge of Hindu cultural beliefs,
Attainment of God-realization.

These are values worthy of a great religious organization, and we believe we should incorporate them as anchor points in every decision we make. Our core values provide us with the means of not only guiding but also evaluating our operations, planning and our vision for the future.

Core  Values

Our  Vision

Sridurka Hindu Temple has a vision:

To be a provider of a place of worship built according to Hindu Scriptures, for anyone and everyone to come, know, love, meditate and worship almighty Mother Sri Durga, observing our religious directions whole heartedly

To be an alive, vibrant and culturally relevant Hindu Community that will utilize every possible and appropriate Hindu religious means to preserve the traditions, customs and spiritual heritage.

To be formed by the tradition of sages and Hindu saints who have uttered the way of life throughout the centuries. Our rituals of worship reflect practices of the historic Hindu Temples in India. We strictly observe these Vedic and Agamic elements in order to strengthen our lives of worship.

To perform all kinds of Rituals, Havans, Yagas and recital of mantras prescribed in our scriptures.

To propagate the teachings of Hinduism by Pooja, Prasangam (discourses) and Bhajan and to ensure that the youths of today are well equipped to propel Hinduism into the future.

Social Values

Sridurka Hindu Temple believes that  temples also have a social responsibility

In our Temple's agenda, we have included the following:

  • Inculcating the qualities of good conduct, humanity and sympathy towards others below one's status
  • Ensuring a healthy life, Promoting language art and culture, Contributing toward the development of economy, career and cooperative ventures
  • developing programs for volunteers in Canada l

Ministers & MPs  Honoured Visits

deputy pm 061

 Deputy Prime Minister  Hon. John Paul Manley visited Thurkeswam (2003)

Minister for International Cooperation, Hon. Maria Minna, PC, MP  visited  Temple (2001)

Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Hon. Giuseppe  Volpe, PC, MP  visited Temple(2005)


Ms. Yasmin Ratansi,  MP  honours Sridurka Hindu Temple at our chariot festival (2016)

Mr. Pierre M. J. Poilievre,  MP  honours Sridurka Hindu Temple at Maha Chandi Homam Festival (2010)

Mr. Joe Daniel,  MP  honours Sridurka Hindu Temple at Maha Chandi Homam Festival (2010)


Our  Mission

We shall be an international community of ancient heritage, faithful to our scriptures, empowered by hope, spending ourselves courageously in the pursuit of love and devotion and thereby, peace and harmony in everyone's life.

Our endeavors toward constructing a highly respected Temple with all spiritual qualities mentioned in Hindu Scriptures, shall be a foundation for Hindu's peaceful life in North America.

Flow of Mantras and healing vibrations of Vedic sounds in our Temple shall be the triggers for spiritual awareness and dedicated involvement.

The Herbal and medical smokes and fragrances rooting from the unique Yagas, Homas (Havans) and Rituals performed in our Temple shall be the factors which eradicate both physical and mind related  illness.

The cultural programs and workshops performed by Temple shall be an antidote to youth crime and misbehavior.

Our educational programs and lectures to the multi-cultural students who visit the temple for world religion courses shall be one of the nourishing agents for mutual understanding and tolerance.

Anchored by a strong commitment to our values, we shall form close relationships with our devotees congregation, and together we shall work to consistently meet their spiritual expectations.

Hindu Rev. Thiagarajahkurukkal  Kanaswami,  Temple Chief Priest  has been awarded a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond  Jubilee Medal (2013)

MPPs & Councilors
Honoured Visits

deputy pm 029
Micheal Coteau

Mayor of Toronto, Her worship. Barbara Hall  appreciates the services of Temple (2003)

Ontario Minister of Public Infrastructure Renewal, Hon. David Caplan appreciates   the services (2004)

City Councilor Mr. Denzil Minnan-Wong 's visit to Sridurka Hindu Temple (2006)

Micheal Coteau  MPP,  Don Valley East  visited our Temple(2011)

Ontario Minister Of Education, Hon. David John Johnson's  visit to Sridurka Hindu Temple (2004)


Sridurka Hindu Temple (also known as Thurkeswaram) is  the ultimate dream of Hindus  in Toronto. The Temple is comprised of a diverse group of people with different backgrounds. It serves to the Hindus of north Indian tradition, Hindus of south Indian tradition, Hindus of Srilankan tradition, Hindus of Malaysia / Singapore tradition and Hindus of west Indian tradition. It has been described as a unique congregation and there is a great feeling of family when devotees gather. The Temple has grown to the point of being physically crowded in the current facilities. More than 300,000 Hindus in Toronto and suburban areas use this Temple as their worship place.

Temple Activities

Prayer services
   Ceremonies & Rituals
   Religious Education
   Cultural Programs
   Meditation & Yoga Classes
   Multi-cultural workshops
   Religious research discussions

Religious  Achievements :
The first temple in North America which was consecrated with 33 Homa best preferred Kumbabisekam performed by more than 50 high priests from all around the world.

The First Temple which performed Nava Koti (90 million) Archana Worship continuously for 3 years for world Peace (2003 - 2006). 
Temple  built according to Saiva and Saakta agamas (Hindu Scriptures).  All the relevant VASTHU rules are adhered to and  appropriate Agamic regulations  are implemented here



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